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Why Saving the Natural World Will Save the Global Economy

June 26, 2017 |

This article was originally published on ClearlySo.

“…Our oceans are estimated to provide economic value of  $24 trillion, through fishing, tourism and shipping; yet we are filling them with plastic and other chemical pollutants that poison this vital supply chain. Chemical and hormonal pollutants in our waterways are now increasingly recognised as an issue for human health, but we struggle to tackle this issue because so much industry has been allowed to base its business model on the free and unfettered use of our natural capital – especially water, air, and land.

The Natural Capital Coalition are one body working to try to introduce methods for more consistent and ubiquitous application of costing the benefits we derive from nature for its more effective application in economic models.  This sits alongside wider efforts to encourage support and investment in businesses innovating in this space. For example, to name a few: development of low-water-use irrigation systems, biodynamic farming, hydroponic farming, and development of meat alternatives, not to mention innovations in renewable energy, energy efficiency and industrial process innovation…”

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