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Why the Fight Against Nature Loss Should be a Business Priority

November 07, 2019 |

This article was originally published on World Economic Forum.

Nature is essential to both global economic prosperity and individual business success. We cannot have a sustainable future for people and economies if we do not address nature, climate and people in an integrated way.

Many businesses understand the value of nature and are voluntarily shifting their practices towards sustainability and longer-term thinking. In order to really scale and speed up, regulatory and financial systems need to reward companies for their performance beyond financial returns – across environmental, social and governance issues.
…In 2020, world leaders have a unique opportunity to forge international agreements to reverse nature loss as they did for climate change in 2015. Business voices and action helped shape the Paris Agreement by demonstrating that fighting climate change is both good for the planet and an economic imperative. To achieve the same in 2020 for loss of nature, the business community has to demonstrate with a coherent voice that safeguarding nature makes economic sense. This will encourage governments to embrace a set of policies that can drive global systemic and transformative change…”
Read on at: World Economic Forum.

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