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Why We Need to Toil for Soil

December 05, 2016 |


This article was originally published on The Nature Conservancy – Global Solutions. 

“December 5th marks World Soil Day and it deserves a round of applause. You may ask why, and the answer is simple: Soil is a superstar.

Soil. Dirt. Earth. Substrate. It goes by many names. Yet, all we really need to know is that it’s “life.” Look after the soil and we can feed a growing planet. Let it degrade, and know that this is degradation you can’t repair, and that human civilization would suffer.

Let’s start with some facts. If you think of the planet as one giant organism, then soil is a little like the “skin” of the Earth. First off, there are more living organisms in a handful of soil than there are people on Earth. Second, healthy soil is about food. Ninety-five percent of our food is directly or indirectly produced on our soils. Third, we need soil more than ever. By 2050, global agricultural production must increase by 60 percent. And, if we restore global soil health, we can also help slow climate change, one of the most urgent imperatives of our age…”

Read on at: The Nature Conservancy – Global Solutions. 

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