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Workers in Insecure Jobs Twice as Likely To Die Of COVID

April 19, 2021 |

This article was originally published on The Guardian.

“Workers on zero-hours contracts and other insecure jobs are twice as likely to have died of Covid-19 as those in other professions, according to a report revealing stark inequalities in the workplace.

The research from the Trades Union Congress in England and Wales showed those on the frontline of the pandemic, such as care workers, nurses and delivery drivers, were at a higher risk of death. It said many of these key workers were in insecure work, such as zero-hours contracts and agency employment, landing them with a “triple whammy” of no sick pay, fewer rights and endemic low pay, while having to shoulder more risk of infection.

…The TUC said the figures were stark, and called for more research to understand the links between precarious work and infection and death. It said the pandemic needed to be a turning point so that everyone could enjoy dignity in employment.”

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How does it connect to capitals? The wellbeing of workers underpins the health of the social and human capital that businesses and society depend on. This article highlights how a lack of investment in one dimension of human and social capital (income and workers’ rights) can negatively impact other dimensions (individual and public health). A living wage is referenced as one key step towards improving workers’ lives and enhancing their human and social capital – find out more about our Accounting for a Living Wage project here.

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