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World Bank WAVES in Rwanda

March 11, 2019 |

This article was originally published on World Bank WAVES

“Rwanda’s natural capital accounting work enjoys support from government, research institutes and nongovernment organizations. It is being carried out in several phases: Phase 1 consisted of preparing a scoping study that focused on sector priorities and a detailed work plan for the implementation phase. Based on this study, the national steering committee chose to focus on land and water as priority accounts, with additional exploratory work toward minerals accounts.

Phase 2 started in 2015 and consists of activities to build natural capital accounts for priority sectors. It is expected to last three years.

During this implementation phase, government officials from key agencies, other organizations from outside government, technical consultants and the country coordinator are working together to collect the data that forms the accounts and to conduct policy analysis.

The Netherlands Statistics Agency has contributed its technical expertise and experience to the process of developing the first draft land account; the accounts team are also beginning to make an inventory of data for a set of water accounts.

WAVES lead government agencies

The Rwanda Natural Resources Authority and the Rwanda Environmental Management Authority under the Ministry of Natural Resources, together with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning…”

Read on at: World Bank WAVES.

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