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Yorkshire Water’s Decision-Making Uses ‘Five Capitals’ Approach

April 25, 2017 |

This article was originally published on Water and Wastewater Treatment.

“Yorkshire Water has overhauled its decision-making framework so that it takes quantifiable account of environmental and societal factors when it is evaluating options for its PR19 business plan.

Both economic and environmental regulators have in recent times encouraged water companies to consider the effects of their actions on nature in a numerical way – an approach known as natural capital accounting.

…Yorkshire Water had already done some work on measuring environmental impacts for individual projects as part of an ‘ecosystems services’ approach following the last price review, but its recent thinking came together in 2016 when it carried out a retrospective analysis of a recent decision to rebuild and upgrade Rivelin Water Treatment Works near Sheffield at the cost of £24M. The pilot used a methodology set out in the Natural Capital Protocol, a document produced by a group of businesses, NGOs and sustainability experts known as the Natural Capital Coalition (Liz Barber now sits on the board of this organisation). The exercise retrospectively evaluated the natural capital impact of the two upgrade options that were considered in the decision, and compared them with a baseline option where no action was taken…”

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