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The Robustness Tool

The Robustness Tool is the primary tool and enables users to assess, communicate and if necessary, improve the robustness and therefore credibility of their capitals assessment process and results.

The tool guides practitioners through a series of questions about their assessment. It is important to acknowledge that the maximum level of confidence will not always be desired or appropriate, and this is reflected in the tool.

The Robustness Tool should be prepared by one person and validated by another.

‘preparer’ – someone who has detailed knowledge of the natural capital assessment and can answer the questions such as what data was used and the valuation methods selected.

‘validator’ – an independent party who can validate how the preparer has answered the questions and check that the principles have been applied.

The Maturity Tool

The Maturity Tool is a complimentary tool that allows users to assess how ‘mature’ an assessment is and to help to outline potential areas for next steps or blind spots (where robustness will need to be developed).

Capitals assessments often start out with a reduced scope in order to pilot how these concepts can be implemented across a business. It is expected that earlier in an organizations application of a capitals approach they will be at the ‘First Steps’ or ‘Developing’ end of the scale.

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