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The Social & Human Capital Protocol is a decision-making framework that enables organizations to identify, measure and value their direct and indirect impacts and dependencies on social capital & human capital

Organizational decisions that fail to consider impacts and dependencies on people and society can be inefficient, ineffective or damaging. As recognition of this risk grows, the practice of measuring social impacts and dependencies is evolving and gaining momentum. 

Companies are increasingly calling for a harmonized approach to measure and value their relationships with people and society.

The Social & Human Capital Protocol is a critical part of the evolving business toolkit and brings together the currently fragmented landscape of social measurement and valuation. It provides the universal processes, principles and tools needed by business to ensure social risks and opportunities are considered alongside financial and environmental issues in corporate strategy and decision-making.

Download the Protocol

Download the Social & Human Capital Protocol to explore your impacts and dependencies on social & human capital.

Download the Primer for business.
This is a short introduction to the Social & Human Capital Protocol. It outlines how applying the Protocol and including social & human capital in your considerations will improve your decision-making.

You can use the Protocol to measure and value social and human capital impacts and dependencies across a whole business or an individual project, product or operation.

The Protocol seeks to determine how (and by how much) your business activities increase, decrease and/or transform social and human capital, and the extent to which you depend on social and human capital resources.

The Protocol Framework explores 4 Stages broken down into 9 Steps which contain questions to be answered when integrating the value of social and human capital into organizational processes.

The Protocol is iterative and allows users to adjust and adapt their approach as they progress through the framework.

The Protocol Framework covers 4 stages centred around the questions: Why? What? How? and What Next?

Further information

The Protocol does not assume or require that you report assessment results externally. Nevertheless, you may wish to report your assessment findings to demonstrate how you have considered relevant social and human capital risks, opportunities and value creation.

Although the Protocol leaves open the choice of specific metrics and valuation and measurement approaches to users, it aims to provide you with guidance – and therefore confidence – in understanding the techniques that leading businesses currently apply. It also aims to develop a solid foundation for future progress on comparability and standardization.

The Protocol is applicable within any business sector, to organizations of all sizes and in all operational geographies. It enables organizations to measure, value and integrate social & human capital impacts and dependencies into existing business processes such as risk mitigation, sourcing, supply chain management and product design.

The Protocol is the result of 4 years of collaborative development – involving input from over 50 businesses and a global public consultation. 

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