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  • Stichting Capitals Coalition
  • RSIN Number: 860780375
  • KVK Number: 76727149
  • Bank account: NL34ABNA0881065692

Contact details:

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Management Board members & Supervisory Board members:

Management Board:Supervisory Board:
Mark Gough, Chief Executive Officer
Martin Lok, Deputy Director
John Lelliott Non-Executive Member
André Hoffmann (Chair) Vice-Chair, Roche Holdings Ltd
Peter Bakker President, World Business Council for Sustainable Development
Clara Barby, Chief Executive, Impact Management Project
Michael Izza, CEO, Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales
Delphine Gibassier, Associate Professor of Accounting for Sustainable Development
Derk Loorbach, Professor and Director, Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT)
Patrice Matchaba, M.D., Group Head of Global Health & Corporate Responsibility Novartis
Robin Millington, Executive Director, Planet Tracker
Dr Sonja Stuchtey, Managing Director, Alliance4Europe
Eliane Ubalijoro, Professor of Practice at McGill University
Victor van Vuuren, Director, Enterprises Department at International Labour Organization

Capitals Coalition Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of the Capitals Coalition guards the policy and functioning of the Capitals Coalition office. It also oversees the principles of the Capitals Coalition, decides on accepting new improvement programs, and consolidates annual plans and reports. The Supervisory Board comes together three times a year.

Learn more about our board here.

Remuneration policy:

The Management Board members do not receive remuneration for their work. They are entitled to reimbursement of the costs incurred by them in the performance of their Management Board member duties. This remuneration scheme does not apply to the Executive functions of the board members. Contrary to the foregoing, directors may be awarded for their operational activities, as performed outside of their statutory management duties.