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A global collaboration redefining value to transform decision making

The Capitals Approach


The capitals – natural capital, social capital, human capital and produced capital – form the foundation of human wellbeing and economic success. 

By understanding how they impact and depend on the capitals, organizations can make holistic decisions that create value for nature, people and society alongside businesses and the economy.

About us


The Capitals Coalition develops, advocates for and advances the capitals approach. We work with organizations and individuals spanning global systems to understand the value that flows from the capitals and to ensure that it is included in decision-making. The Capitals Coalition accelerates momentum, leverages success, connects powerful and engaged communities and identifies the areas, projects and partnerships where we can collaboratively drive transformational change.


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The Coalition has developed two internationally recognized and standardized frameworks that provide organizations with tools to identify, measure and value their impacts and dependencies on natural capital, social capital and human capital to inform their decision-making.

As well as developing sector-specific and supplementary guidance to the Protocols, the Capitals Coalition convenes a diverse global community of leaders and spearheads global programs to ensure that the value of nature, people and society sits alongside financial value in the minds of decision-makers.



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