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Transformation in the agrifood sector has the potential to deliver systemic benefits for nature, people and businesses. The TEEBAgriFood for Business project develops guidance to enable the sector to adopt a capitals approach to build resilience, mainstream best practice, protect biodiversity and contribute to a more sustainable food system. 

The training course is based on the draft TEEBAgriFood Operational Guidelines for Business. Participants of the training course were requested to conduct an assessment within their business to work towards a pilot application. A summary of the pilot application progress of the businesses that covered all four Stages of the Guidelines is provided below. 

These summaries will be updated on a quarterly basis, as most businesses are continually advancing their work. Several other businesses haven’t advanced sufficiently yet to be included in this report, their progress will be monitored. 


The below contains summaries of pilot applications by businesses that took part in the TEEBAgriFood for Business training in Brazil. The training was provided online in four half-day sessions, taking place from September to December 2020.  



The below contains summaries of pilot applications by businesses that took part in the TEEBAgriFood for Business training in Mexico. The training was provided online in four half-day sessions, taking place from September to December 2020.