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Business Decision Template

At present there is no standard template to include essential information such as a business’s relationship with nature and people in decision-making processes. Without this, decisions are in danger of being sub-optimal and there is increased risk for the business, opportunities can be missed, and there is a greater chance of negative impacts on nature, people, and society. Furthermore, with more mandatory reporting requirements forthcoming, is it becoming more necessary to have a holistic view of a business’s impacts and dependencies to make informed decisions.

The Coalition, with support from Pollination, has developed a business decision template for boards or decision-making committees to ensure information on all capitals is included in decision-making processes. Read our news story for more information.

By ensuring decisions are informed based on trusted, credible, useful, relevant, and actionable information, more holistic decisions that create value for nature, people and society alongside businesses and the economy can be made.

The template provides a structured and recognizable format to include impacts and dependencies on nature, people, society. By integrating this information in a consistent and logical way the template ensures that:

  • Information is provided in an easily accessible format.
  • A process for transparent decision-making is established.
  • All significant decision-useful information is included.
  • Decision makers are provided with the relevant information to highlight and understand trade-offs between all the capitals.

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