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The Cambridge Natural Capital Leaders Platform: E.VALU.A.TE: The Practical Guide

July 01, 2013 |

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Members of the Natural Capital Leaders Platform came together to strengthen their understanding of, and to develop practical guidance around, how to undertake an evaluation of the un-costed impacts of their business operations, known as externalities. E.Valu.A.Te (Externality Valuation Assessment Tool) represents a suite of resources that brings together comprehensive guidance for environmental externality assessment,stimulated directly by business needs. This has resulted in the first online, step-by-step tool that guides users through the evaluation process for environmental externalities.

E.Valu.A.Te provides more evidential support around the process of valuation using a stepwise, bottom-up approach. The work, driven by business, aims to generate the critical mass required to enhance the addressing of unintended impacts of business upon natural capital.

E.Valu.A.Te: The Practical Guide forms a part of this suite of resources, including an online Tool a . The Practical Guide provides the technical background and additional information to assist the use of the online Tool.

The Practical Guide also describes the necessary steps of the scoping phase that needs to be completed before the actual assessment (with the online Tool) can be undertaken. In addition, it explains what externalities are and why they are relevant to assess.

Read the report here.

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