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Board Template Launched to Include All Capitals in Decision-making

March 13, 2024 |

Today, Capitals Coalition, with support from Pollination, publish a business decision template for boards or decision-making committees to ensure information on all capitals (natural, social, human and produced) are included in decision-making processes.

A trio of recently published legal opinions are building on the changing expectation that more capitals are expected to be represented during board decision-making. In October 2023, a legal opinion in Australia concluded nature-related risks are within the scope of directors’ duties to act with care and diligence. Last month, another legal opinion in the UK was published, accompanied by a campaign from Social Value International, encouraging company directors to include sustainability in their financial statements.

Today, a third legal opinion has been published, concluding directors’ duties under UK company law require consideration of nature-related risks to the business. As a result, the legal and regulatory context relevant to company and directors’ duties is fast changing.

In this context, the Coalition has published a business decision-making template to provide a structured and recognizable format for paper preparers, decision-making committees, and boards to include impacts and dependencies on nature, people, and society in decision-making processes. 

At present there is no standard template to include essential information such as a business’s relationship with nature and people in decision-making processes. Without this, decisions are in danger of being sub-optimal and there is increased risk for the business, opportunities can be missed, and there is a greater chance of negative impacts on nature, people, and society. 

Furthermore, with more mandatory reporting requirements forthcoming, is it becoming more necessary to have a holistic view of a business’s impacts and dependencies to make informed decisions. 

The Coalition is inviting all businesses to participate in a consultation to pilot the templates in their decision-making processes. A clean version of the template can be downloaded here and is open to any business or financial institution with an interest in improving their decision-making processes.  

Businesses who are interested to join a peer group to share experiences and gain insights or those wishing to provide feedback on the template, can do so by emailing The deadline for feedback is 13 June 2024. Full information on the consultation can be found here

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