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New Online Business Training Course Released

The Capitals Coalition now offers two free online business training courses on the Coursera platform.

The courses provide a comprehensive introduction to the capitals approach and to undertaking a capitals assessment, and, while open to all, will be of specific relevance to those working across strategy, risk management, finance, procurement, accountancy, auditing, human resources and sustainability. The courses are split in focus, on natural capital, and social and human capital respectively.

Register for the courses.

We Value Nature

The We Value Nature campaign, supported by the EU Commission, was created to reinforce and amplify the work of the Capitals Coalition and promote the use of the Natural Capital Protocol. 

The campaign has analysed the latest natural capital thinking and research in behavioural change to help individuals and organisations take the next steps towards adopting a capitals approach. Their research has shaped a series of training resources.

Trainers & Technical Advisors

The Capitals Coalition includes many organizations who specialize in providing training and technical advice and services to help organizations conduct capitals assessments.

The Coalition secretariat does not assure or accredit these organizations and it is up to the individual businesses to undertake the necessary due diligence before agreeing to any service provision.

Natural Capital Protocol Toolkit

The Natural Capital Protocol Toolkit was developed by  WBCSD and facilitates uptake of the Natural Capital Protocol by consolidating the wealth of tools, methodologies and approaches available for natural capital measurement and valuation.

The Toolkit is hosted by MIT SHIFT, an MIT Sloan Sustainability initiative.

Endorsing Partners

Capitals Coalition’s endorsing partners support, share and use educational learning content to accelerate the positive transformation of business decision-making.

Endorsing partners gain the opportunity to access the innovative learning content of the Coalition for free, and are able to be recognized publicly by the Coalition for their efforts in filling the knowledge and skill gap in business decision-making.

Endorsing partners assist in the promotion of this content, sharing it on their own platforms.

You can explore more and register interest to become an endorsing partner here.

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