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CERES Conference 2017

  • Calendar April 26th, 2017
  • Time 00:00

“No matter the political winds, global sustainability challenges are bigger than ever and the urgency for business leadership is paramount. Good governance, transparency, stakeholder engagement and bottom line performance are all hallmarks of a truly sustainable and profitable 21st century corporation. Across the globe, leading investors and corporations are accelerating innovative sustainable solutions that are building long-term value, while protecting the health of our planet and the economy.

Still, far more needs to be done to meet the colossal threat of climate change and other sustainability challenges that impact all corners of the world, and all layers of society. Ensuring fair and just treatment of workers across global supply chains; investing the trillions of dollars needed to provide clean, affordable energy; adopting meaningful and supportive public policies; increasing efficiencies to deal with water scarcity; and decoupling food production from environmental degradation and human rights abuses. These are all issues of great magnitude, but they are only achievable if they are fully integrated into the bottom line.

Join us at the Ceres Conference 2017 in San Francisco as we hear from leaders who are catalyzing the biggest breakthroughs on these issues and recognize that, regardless of political headwinds, sustainability is the bottom line.”

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