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EKN 2018 Conference Natural Capital Investment

  • Calendar March 1st, 2018
  • Time 09:00

This text was taken from the EKN 2018 Conference Natural Capital Investment.

“The Natural Capital Investment Conference, organised by the Ecosystems Knowledge Network, will identify the best ways of securing much-needed investment in the UK’s natural environment. Come and learn about new ideas on how to finance the restoration of key natural features such as woodland and wetland. The benefits that flow to everyone from this ‘natural capital’ have been valued at billions of pounds.

The Rt Hon. John Gummer, Lord Deben, recently re-appointed Chair of the UK’s Committee on Climate Change, will provide the opening address.  There will also be contributions from environmental and finance leaders involved in natural capital investment including Tushita Ranchan, Chair of the Green Purposes Company, Bevis Watts, Managing Director of Triodos Bank UK, Shirley Trundle, Director for Natural Environment Policy at Defra and Tony Juniper CBE, leading environmentalist.

Whether you are a prospective investor, or have business or a management interest in land and water, this event will change the way you work. Hear from experts on how investment plans can be turned into investable projects. Understand innovations in investment finance. Be at the forefront of restoring the natural capital of the UK.”

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