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Facilitate Your Sustainability Transition by Linking Your Circular Economy Action To Improving Your Impact on Biodiversity

  • Calendar March 18th, 2021
  • Time 15:00

Part of We Value Nature’s 10 Day Challenge

The Rock Group

Biodiversity is often seen as a difficult, and “outside our scope” topic, feeling out of reach or involving too much work. When linking biodiversity to a topic which is already embraced, e.g. the circular economy: we observe it is much easier to explain biodiversity and engage companies to it. This also provides a systemic approach to sustainability strategy.

The webinar session we would like to submit will have two objectives:

– Making sure our attendees understand the link between Biodiversity and Circular Economy and are able to strategize sustainability action on both items.

– Have our attendees design an action plan of embedding biodiversity in all relevant processes of their organisation.

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