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How To Develop Practical Guidance on Nature and Biodiversity for SMEs in the Agri-Food Sector?

  • Calendar March 15th, 2021
  • Time 13:00

Part of We Value Nature’s 10 Day Challenge

EU Business@Biodiversity

The objective of this session is to engage SMEs and their partners on the following challenge: “How to develop practical guidance on nature and biodiversity for SMEs in the agri-food sector?” The session will specifically aim to:

(1) identify practical solutions implemented by pioneering SMEs;

(2) map the support tools, guidance and data already available to SMEs; and

(3) identify the key elements that must be included in these guidance to ensure their relevance for SMEs. The session will also be used to engage SMEs in the development of the Code of Conduct to promote responsible business and marketing practices across the food industry and retails sector currently being designed as part of the EU Farm to Fork Strategy.

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