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Integrating Biodiversity in Natural Capital Management Accounting Seminar: Focusing in on Finance

  • Calendar June 3rd, 2021
  • Time 13:00

Align’s first in-person event will be held virtually through a series of online workshops. The first session will be organised for the wider Align Community of Interest and the public, while the following ones are dedicted to Community of Practice and Technical hub members. 

As part of the June event, Align will host:

– one session on Natural Capital Management Accounting (NCMA) open to the broader Align Community and the public (this event);
– two workshops on Biodiversity Measurement with the Community of Practice;
– two workshops with the Technical Hub to discuss alignment and the development of a standardised approach.

You can register for the sessions through completing this online form

Note: Dedicated sessions for the Community of Practice and the Technical Hub are through invitation only. Only individuals that registered to the online Community of Practice group will can participate in the workshops. Register your interest in the Community of Practice here.

Align is a project led by WCMC Europe, the Capitals Coalition, ArcadisICF and UNEP-WCMC, and funded by the European Commission, DG Environment. Further details on the objective and expectations for each group are described within the Terms of Reference on the EU B@B Platform’s website.

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