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Introducing BS 8632 – Natural Capital Accounting for Organizations

  • Calendar June 15th, 2021
  • Time 13:00

From bsi

Natural capital accounting combines financial, environmental and social information to reveal an organization’s impacts and dependencies on nature. This webinar will introduce the new standard: BS 8632:2021 Natural Capital Accounting for Organizations. Specification to professionals working in this field. It will cover:

  • Why we created this new standard
  • What’s inside the standard
  • What benefits it can bring
  • How it can be used

Who should attend the webinar?

The standard applies to organizations of all types and sectors and of any size. Event participants will be those who will use the standard and those who will make the decision to use it, namely:

  • Finance / management accounting / investor relations / strategic planning and risk management / sustainability / environmental management teams of an organization – C-suite executives and practitioners
  • Economic, environmental economic, environmental, management and evaluation consultancies
  • Investors / investment managers
  • Accountancy and auditing and quality assurance firms (as the practice expands)

What will participants gain?

  • An understanding of the benefits of natural capital accounting
  • A first-hand explanation of what’s in the new standard and how to use it
  • Expert insights on how natural capital accounts can be interpreted for strategic, operational and investment decisions
  • A post-event recording of the webinar


Welcome and introduction

Benefits of a Natural Capital Accounting standard

BS 8632 Natural Capital Accounting 

Interpreting accounts and Integrating accounting 

Panel discussion and Q&A session

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