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Investing in Food Systems Transformation: The roles of enterprise, community, finance and philanthropy

  • Calendar September 16th, 2021
  • Time 15:00
  • Location Online

Agroecological, regenerative, Indigenous, and similar nature-based systems substantially contribute to transforming agriculture and food systems to deliver positive outcomes for people and the planet. Entrepreneurial farmers, cooperatives, food processing groups, companies and marketing initiatives at various levels are working alongside governments and civil society organizations to promote the widespread creation of agroecological systems. Agroecological enterprises need investments and a supportive business and policy environment to thrive.

Much collaborative work is needed to improve access to knowledge and finance for inspiring and promising enterprises and to create innovative funding models to better serve this growing and dynamic sector.This event contributes to ongoing learning exchanges among entrepreneurs, policy makers, funders, investors and civil society organisations on increasing investments in agroecological, regenerative and Indigenous enterprises.

Aims of the event: – Register here

  1. Increase the understanding among public and private investors of how enterprises contribute to food systems transformation.
  2. Explore pathways for scaling agroecology, regeneration and Indigenous pathways based on lessons learned from entrepreneurs and investors active in this field.
  3. Identify how you can contribute to co-development of strategies to grow the agroecological, regenerative, and Indigenous sectors.

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