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Regional Dialogue for Nationally Determined Contributions for Africa

  • Calendar March 18th, 2019
  • Time 00:00

This text is taken from the NDC partnership


With the adoption of the Paris Agreement Work Programme and the conclusion of the Talanoa Dialogue at COP-24 in December 2018, the “rule-book” of the Paris Agreement has been agreed. Governments and non-Party stakeholders are now shifting gears toward implementing ambitious climate action for a low-GHG and climate-resilient future, in line with the global  temperature goals of the Paris Agreement and countries’ individual Nationally Determined  Contributions (NDCs). Countries are also in the process of preparing second-round NDCs with  increased coverage, clarity, and ambition – as well as long-term, low-GHG emission development strategies – ahead of the 2020 deadline. In this context, the Regional Dialogue on Nationally Determined Contributions for Africa will seek to accomplish the following objectives:

1. Introduce and discuss the outcomes of COP-24, including those outcomes from the Paris Agreement Work Programme and the Talanoa Dialogue that are relevant for the preparation of future NDCs and implementation of ambitious climate action;
2. Jointly consider the gap to meet the long-term goal and the need and avenues for raising national, regional, and global ambition;
3. Exchange experiences and lessons learned to address challenges relating to NDC preparation, implementation, and finance; and
4. Discuss synergistic implementation of NDCs, national development plans, and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

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