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5th Responsible Business Forum on Food and Agriculture 2018

  • Calendar March 26th, 2018
  • Time 08:00

This text was taken from the 5th Responsible Business Forum on Food and Agriculture 2018.

“Asia is home to 4 billion people and the region faces some of the biggest and toughest challenges, such as hunger, poverty, malnutrition, gender inequality and the adverse impacts of climate change, to name just a few.

The 5th Responsible Business Forum on Food & Agriculture will convene over 500 food, agriculture and nutrition decision makers from companies, governments, investors, NGOs and farmers, to discuss these challenges and agree on scaling collaborative actions to achieve the sustainable development goals in Asia.

Delegates will share partnerships, projects and initiatives designed to transform the food and agriculture value chain, and working groups will facilitate actionable recommendations to accelerate and scale.”

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