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SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting 2020 – Valuation & Accounting Treatments

  • Calendar July 14th, 2020
  • Time 13:00

This text is taken from SEEA UN.

“The Virtual Expert Forum on SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA EEA) 2020 will be held online in several sessions between June and September 2020 (see exact dates below). The Virtual Forum is organized by the United Nations Statistics Division in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme, and the World Bank, and is an activity under the “Natural Capital Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services” project funded by the European Union.

The Virtual Forum will take place in separate sessions, each session will be 3 hours long and take place at 7-10am NY time (13:00-16:00 CET) on the dates specified below. Each session will start with a general overview of the current state of the methodological development and testing followed by specific issues to be discussed in breakout groups. Final agenda and list of issues for discussion will be developed for each session in due course, taking also into account the responses to the global consultation.

Session 2: Valuation and accounting treatments”

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