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The future of food: the good, the bad and the promising

  • Calendar October 20th, 2021
  • Time 11:00
  • Location Online
Our food systems are intricately connected to human and animal health, climate, and biodiversity, at the same time biodiversity is essential to food security and nutrition globally. Yet, unsustainable agricultural practices have led to dramatic biodiversity loss and are one of the main drivers of climate change with in between 20 and almost 40 per cent of total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions attributable to the food system. Furthermore, biodiversity has been slowly disappearing from our diets and everywhere in the world, people are not consuming enough nutrient-rich foods missing the full range of nutrients essential to human health.

Increasing the productivity and sustainability of agriculture can reduce pressure on forests and other biodiverse ecosystems and, with the appropriate policy measures in place, allow space for increased conservation and restoration activities. It can also improve the resilience of agricultural systems, locally and globally, and contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation. Food-based approaches that address malnutrition, especially micronutrient deficiencies, are also needed; however, they are disconnected from current agricultural production systems.

This session will explore different strategies and innovative approaches that can support the transition of the food system to more sustainable models, reduced food waste, and increased access to fresh foods in urban environments and nutrition, including positive impacts on biodiversity and soil heath.


  • Anna-Karin Modin-Edman, Senior Sustainability Manager, Arla Foods
  • Sudhanshu Sarronwala, Chief Impact Officer, Infarm
  • Gabriela Burian, Head Global Partnerships and Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships, Bayer
  • Olivera Medugorac, European Affairs Manager, Nestle
  • Sagrario Saez Mejia, Sustainability Diretor, Heineken
  • Moderator: Martina Fleckenstein, Global Policy Manager Food, WWF International


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