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The True Cost of Food: can we afford it and how do we change it?

  • Calendar March 27th, 2018
  • Time 17:00

This text was taken from The True Cost of Food: can we afford it and how do we change it?

“Put in dollar figures, the annual loss in environmental damage due to the food sector has been estimate at over twice its total economic output. Health costs to society from food, primarily though obesity and diabetes, have been put at a staggering 11% of global GDP. An expert panel will discuss what is the true cost of our food once its external impacts on nature, society and individual health are taken into account? Can we afford to continue to pay these hidden costs? Can costing these externalities bring about change in the way giant food companies operate and our own food choices?

Chair: Sam Bickersteth, Oxford Martin School Rockefeller Planetary Health programme

Panel members:

Lauren Baker: Director of Programmes, Global Alliance for the Future of Food

Patrick Holden: Chief Executive, Sustainable Food Trust

Duncan Williamson: Food Policy Manager, WWF

Ian Noble: Research, Development and Quality Director, Mondelez

David Barling: Director of the Centre for Agriculture, Food and Environmental Management, University of Hertfordshire

Stephen Nelson: Senior Economic Adviser, Head of Food Chain Analysis Team, Defra (TBC)

The panel debate will be followed by a wine reception.”

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