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Utility Week Investor Summit

  • Calendar March 4th, 2020
  • Time 00:00

This text is taken from Utility Week.

“Against the backdrop of Brexit, market uncertainty and its impact on investor confidence, Utility Week’s 2020 Investor Summit will bring together government, regulators, investors, analysts and ratings agencies, utility CEOs and CFOs to explore new strategies to address evolving threats posed by increased competition, M&A activity, regulatory pressure, and market volatility. It will equip participants with the insight to refine existing strategies and align customer, environmental and financial priorities.

[Pre-Summit Focus Day and Investor Summit will be held in London on the 4th-5th March 2020.]

Pre-Conference Focus Day: Natural Capital Accounting & ESG Considerations for Utilities

This interactive pre-conference focus day will equip attendees with the tools to respond to increasing investor demand for ESG reporting. It will look at the evolving role of natural capital accounting and its practical application for utility sector – specifically how to embrace, value and report on natural capital. Finally, the focus day will explore how utilities can monetise aspects of ESG and reduce risk.”

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