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Valuing the Oceans: Scoping a Supplement to the Natural Capital Protocol

  • Calendar May 12th, 2017
  • Time 00:00

Valuing the Oceans: Scoping a Supplement to the Natural Capital Protocol

Oceans cover nearly three quarters of the planet and provide many benefits including food, tourism, energy, and up to half of our oxygen. Even so, we are not doing enough to protect this valuable resource.

The Natural Capital Coalition is therefore convening a conversation on May 12th in London, to explore how we can harmonize the many different existing activities around oceans. This conversation will inform the development of a standardized global approach to measuring and valuing our impacts and dependencies on the oceans, and work to better embed this information in mainstream decision making.

The workshop will bring together global leaders in the ‘oceans space’, to establish the need, identify expertise, and develop the scope for an Oceans Supplement to the Natural Capital Protocol. It will be an interactive session with lots of room for contribution.

The workshop will be hosted by ICAEW, in collaboration with the Coalition, Conservation International and the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

*Please note that spaces are limited, and we will therefore need to review your application before confirming attendance.*

Lunch will be included.

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