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Webinar: The EU’s Experience With Their First Extensive Ecosystem Accounts

  • Calendar September 12th, 2019
  • Time 15:00

This text is taken from the Global Program on Sustainability.

“The European Union (EU)`s economic prosperity and well-being is underpinned by its natural capital. The 7th Environment Action Programme and the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020 include objectives to develop natural capital accounting in the EU, with a focus on ecosystems and their services. An integrated natural accounting system is being developed by the Knowledge Innovation Project (KIP INCA) at the European Commission’s Joint Research Center (JRC), to provide a multi-purpose tool that can be used in decision making for a range of policies.

KIP INCA has so far developed six experimental accounts at the EU level in physical and monetary terms: crop and timber provision, crop pollination, global climate regulation, flood control and nature-based recreation, following the United Nations System of Environmental-Economic Accounting – Experimental Ecosystem Accounts (SEEA EEA). Future releases of pilot ecosystem services accounts will include water purification, habitat maintenance and soil erosion control.

This seminar will share findings of the latest report of the KIP INCA project and how these findings can be used to make trade-offs in decision making more transparent, inform efficient use of resources, enhance resilience and sustainability, and avoid unintended negative consequences of policy actions.”

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