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Valuing Human Capital in Occupational Health & Safety

This project will engage current and future occupational health & safety professionals around the importance of valuing the health, safety and the wellbeing of workers through a capitals approach as set out in the Social & Human Capital Protocol.

People are at the core of all organizations and their decisions create or erode value for nature, people, society and the economy.

The ability of employees to create value – rather than erode it – is directly connected to their health, safety and wellbeing. By understanding this relationship – and by recognising that we can deliver broad benefits across the system by investing in the health, safety and wellbeing of workers – we can redefine the value of a safe and healthy workforce for organizations and their stakeholders.

Through the Valuing Human Capital in Occupational Health & Safety project we will collaborate with key stakeholders to develop common thinking, motivators and incentives, standards and key performance indicators surrounding the value of people and their health, safety and wellbeing in companies. 

Through this approach we will amplify the message that the health & safety of people and their wellbeing creates value and long-term sustainability for a company and its stakeholders, while generating value across the capitals.     

This project will:

  1. Convene a coalition of stakeholders to develop a globally recognized set of value driven human capital standards, key performance indicators and metrics that define the value of a safe and healthy workforce for organizations in creating long-term value and putting sustainability at their heart.
  2. Engage stakeholders by publishing thought leadership on occupational health & safety as it relates to the Social & Human Capital Protocol.
  3. Develop a deeper connection with stakeholders (investors, business leaders & occupational health & safety professionals) by choosing the right practice and narrative to effectively communicate the value of a safe and health workforce.
  4. Interface with other Coalition projects such as Accounting for a Living Wage.



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