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TEEBAgrifood Operational Guidelines for Business User Template

“Transforming our food system is one of the most urgent challenges we face in the 21st century. Providing food security for a growing population and restoring the natural systems that food production depends upon, while ensuring social equity, requires a systems-based approach.” – Mark Gough, CEO, Capitals Coalition

The TEEBAgriFood for Business project published its TEEBAgrifood Operational Guidelines for Business to enable the agrifood sector to build resilience, mainstream best practice, protect biodiversity and contribute to a more sustainable food system. 

Developed to support businesses in implementing the TEEBAgriFood Evaluation Framework, the Guidelines provide a practical way for businesses to understand and act upon their impact and dependencies on natural, human, social, and produced capital in the context of the agrifood sector and transform their decision-making practices.

The Guidelines reference and build on the internationally accepted harmonized business frameworks for identifying, measuring, and valuing organizational relationships with nature and people: the Natural and Social & Human Capital Protocols. The Protocols provide additional support and context when applying these Guidelines.

Published alongside the Guidelines, the User Template provides a clear checklist of each stage, to be used by businesses applying a capitals assessment. By answering the questions and fulfilling the outcomes of each step, businesses can easily document, analyze and interpret their results.

Download the User Template here.

Download an example User Template here.

Download the Guidelines, and learn more, here.