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G7 Nations Announce ‘Nature Compact’

June 13, 2021 |

This excerpt is taken from the G7 2030 Nature Compact.

“A. We, the G7 Leaders, commit to the global mission to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030. We will act now, building on the G7 Metz Charter on Biodiversity and the Leaders’ Pledge for Nature, championing their delivery, to help set the necessary trajectory for nature to 2030.

B. Through this Compact, we commit to supporting global consensus and to taking bold action for delivery of ambitious outcomes for nature in 2021 at the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) COP15 in Kunming and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP26 in Glasgow in particular. Climate change is one key driver of biodiversity loss, and protecting, conserving and restoring biodiversity is crucial to addressing climate change. Ahead of COP15 and COP26, as we embark upon this pivotal decade, we commit to tackle these interdependent and mutually reinforcing crises in an integrated manner, thereby contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and a green, inclusive and resilient recovery from COVID-19.

C. Global system-wide change is required: our world must not only become net zero, but also nature positive, for the benefit of both people and the planet, with a focus on promoting sustainable and inclusive development. Nature, and the biodiversity that underpins it, ultimately sustains our economies, livelihoods and well-being – our decisions must take into account the true value of the goods and services we derive from it. The lives and livelihoods of today’s youth and future generations rely on this.

D. As advanced economies and major consumers within global supply chains and markets, we recognise our unique role and acknowledge the negative and unsustainable impact our economic activity can have on nature and wildlife, abroad as well as at home. Therefore, we commit to working collaboratively with partners and stakeholders to drive global system change that works for all, prioritising the inclusion of Indigenous Peoples as well as local communities in co-design, decision-making and implementation, and recognising the interests of vulnerable and marginalised groups including people living in poverty, women and girls, people with disabilities, and youth.

E. Considering the impact of COVID-19 on public health, the economy, food systems, and nature, we recognise that the mission to tackle biodiversity loss is inherently connected with those to protect human, wildlife, and animal health and to prevent future pandemics. Therefore we endorse the work of the G7 One Health Working Group and will join, on a voluntary basis, the International Zoonoses Community of Experts (IZCE) established under the UK Presidency. We also welcome the newly-created One Health High Level Expert Panel…”

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