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Our Value Report

August 24, 2021 |

The Capitals Coalition develops, advocates for, and advances understanding of natural, social, human and produced capitals. We work with organizations and individuals spanning global systems to understand the value that flows from these capitals and to ensure that it is included in decision-making.

Collaboration, communication and shared ownership are central to our way of working. This report is part of this fundamental principle; it is the first of our annual updates and walks readers through our history, our ambition, how we work and our theory of change. It also covers some of our main activities, trends in the capitals space in 2020 and how you can get involved in what we do.

The report is intended for readers who are new to the Capitals Coalition and looking for an introduction to our strategy, progress and activities. It will also be useful to other stakeholders who are more familiar with our work.

The information in this first report is qualitative and subjective. It offers a foundation for subsequent, more integrated reporting in the coming years as the organization continues to grow.

Read the full report.

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