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Capitals Coalition Announces Joining of SELINA and SUSTAIN EU Projects

October 25, 2022 |

The Capitals Coalition has announced its joining of both the Science for Evidence-based & Sustainable Decisions About Natural Capital (SELINA) and Strengthening Understanding and Strategies of Business to Assess and Integrate Nature (SUSTAIN), supported by the EU.


SELINA is a 5-year EU-funded project that aims to deliver guidance for evidence-based decision-making that supports the protection, restoration, and sustainable use of the environment.

Through a collaboration of experts from 50 partner organisations from all 27 EU member states, Norway, Switzerland, Israel, and the United Kingdom, SELINA will set new standards for international cooperation to promote ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation and enhance ecosystem conditions.

This consortium includes leading experts on ecosystem services science, ecosystem accounting and science-policy business interfaces from related actions. SELINA will provide applicable tools and models together with guidance how to use them. The project will deliver real cases for ecosystem services-based and harmonised decision-making across Europe, enabling transformative change to halt biodiversity decline and to secure essential ecosystem services supply and use.

The Capitals Coalition will coordinate the delivery of Demonstration Projects and will be leading on a Work Package entitled ‘Supporting Evidence-based Private Decision-making’. This Work Package focuses on developing innovative real-world examples of how integrated biodiversity and ecosystem services-based outputs can be used to support decision-making.


The SUSTAIN project will provide businesses, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies with the knowledge and resources to better understand, assess, and monitor the dependencies and impacts on nature from activities across different sectors of the economy. 

The SUSTAIN project will work with businesses, financial institutions and regulatory bodies and help them to understand how their impacts and dependencies on nature affect their operations and profits through capacity building and the provision of tools and technical skills needed to comprehensively integrate the value of nature into their decision-making.

The SUSTAIN project will use a multi-disciplinary approach to expand and further develop the existing knowledge base on business dependencies and impacts to drive better corporate and financial decision-making regarding biodiversity and ecosystem services and reduce resulting financial risks.  

The project brings together a multi-disciplinary team of leading experts with backgrounds in ecology, conservation, economics, social sciences, and academic research.

The project is funded by the EU and will run for 3 years with the ambition is to facilitate transformative changes within the global economy to halt and reverse biodiversity loss. The project partner consortium is made up of Capitals Coalition, UNEP-WCMCShareActionPBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment AgencyIUCN EuropeVivid EconomicsWBCSDETH ZürichIUCN and Fundación Biodiversidad.

Learn more about SELINA here.

Learn more about SUSTAIN here.

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