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People For Our Planet Aggregator

May 06, 2021 |

The UN CBD, in conjunction with over 30 leading environmental organizations, has developed a simple aggregation dashboard, which displays information from biodiversity campaigns, commitments and movements across key sectors of society. 

The aggregator serves as a visible demonstration of a critical mass of people demanding action for climate, nature and people. It shows growing public support for leaders taking bold action.

The tool brings together the following metrics:

  • Online conversations around nature and climate (hashtag monitoring)
  • Petition signatures
  • Individual “green” actions
  • Organisational commitments/actions
  • National/Country commitments
  • City Commitments 

This information has been compiled by the #VoiceForThePlanet coalition and UN CBD Communications flotilla. Its purpose is to demonstrate the support and demand from around the world for global leaders to take bold decisions to ensure the future health of our planet both in their own countries and at the UN biodiversity COP#15 and climate COP#26.

Should you wish to carry this data on your website or if you have any questions please contact

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