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Our Value Report – 2022-23

The Capitals Coalition develops, advocates for, and advances our understanding of the value we receive from natural, social, human, and produced capital. We work with organizations and individuals spanning global systems to identify and measure this value, and to ensure that it is embedded across decision-making.

Over the past twelve months, the world has grappled with the aftermath of a global pandemic and the accelerating environmental, social and geopolitical challenges that impact the global economy, the natural world, and the people who depend on them. These issues have caused many of us to question our understanding of what we value and how we can protect it.

The Coalition has published its third ‘Our Value’ report and presents the aspirations, successes and lessons learnt from this past financial year, as well as referencing new work underway. This report summarizes our activities over the past twelve months and explores the strategic direction of the Coalition as we look ahead towards our ambition to embed the value of all capitals into decision-making.

In the year that saw a historic international agreement to halt and reverse the loss of nature at COP15, the Coalition successfully advocated for the full integration of biodiversity and its multiple values into policies and regulations within and across all levels of government and across all sectors. The ‘Our Value’ report explores this momentum and celebrates some of the shared achievements and projects from across our community over the past year, demonstrating the strength we hold when we come together and collaborate.

This report is intended for readers who are new to the Capitals Coalition and looking for an introduction to our strategy, progress and activities. It will also be useful to other stakeholders who are more familiar with our work.

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