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Announcing the Capitals Coalition’s Global Dialogues 2022 Agenda

October 07, 2022 |

As the international community rallies around new pledges for an equitable, nature-positive and carbon-neutral future, the challenge is now to contextualize and operationalize this ambition in all reaches of business, finance, government and wider society.

This is why the Capitals Coalition is excited to announce the launch of the Global Dialogues series. The Global Dialogues are a collaborative convening of the Capitals Community across the globe to share experiences and discuss transforming decision-making by including the value of nature, people and society. The Global Dialogues are a combination of in-person, online and hybrid events that will take place from 24 October – 10 November 2022.

Events are being led by Capitals Hubs globally. The Capitals Hubs are formed by communities of practitioners that develop and scale the capitals approach within specific regional or national contexts or within industries or sectors. They connect leaders and leading initiatives to ensure that the right people are collaborating across the system, and provide a space for geographic, sector or context-specific challenges, opportunities and solutions to be explored between stakeholders. To find out more on Capitals Hubs, head here.

A full schedule of events, with registration information, can be found here.

Learn more about our Capitals Hubs here and join our online Community platform to get involved in Global Dialogues discussions.

We hope to see you there.

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