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New Online Business Training Course on Social and Human Capital to Launch

February 21, 2023 |

The Capitals Coalition, Nature^Squared, WBCSD-BCTI and Social Value International are developing a free, online training course with a focus on business’ transformation through valuing social and human capital.

This interactive course, ‘Transforming Business: Valuing Social & Human Capital’, comes in response to an increased demand from the business and finance sectors to gain a better understanding of the application of social and human capital. Businesses that value their stakeholders, employees, the community in which they operate and their consumers, are able to build stronger, more resilient relationships, increase wellbeing of those affected and improve their financial performance.

By undertaking the course, you will learn how to practically progress toward preserving and creating, rather than eroding, the value of natural, human and social capital alongside financial success. Further real-life context will also be gained from a focus on societal issues weaved throughout.

Participants will hear from business leaders and experts about how an integrated approach can benefit the wellbeing of stakeholders, and the impacts and value created for the business.  The course will be hosted on the Coursera platform and split into modules offering extended reading, questions and interaction with other participants. This course, whilst primarily tailored for those working in the private sector,  will be freely available to all.

In 2022, the Capitals Coalition launched the online course ‘Valuing Nature and People to Inform Business Decision-making‘ with support from We Value Nature, WBCSD, IUCN and partners to fill this knowledge gap for natural capital. Now a year on, ‘Transforming Business: Valuing Social & Human Capital’ introduces practical steps that individuals and businesses can take to integrate social and human capital into their decision-making. 

‘Transforming Business: Valuing Social & Human Capital’ is planned to launch in June 2023.

A beta testing programme will be launched in late March 2023, offering early adopters an opportunity to explore the course and give feedback ahead of the formal launch. To register your interest in beta testing and receive updates about the course, please head here.

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