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The Coalition Launches Online Business Training Course on Social and Human Capital

June 21, 2023 |

Today, our world is facing major challenges including climate change, biodiversity loss, public health crises, threats to human rights, and rising inequality across the world. 

Businesses are starting to become aware of the impact they have on natural, social and human capital. They are increasingly asked to take an active role in being part of the solution in tackling inequality, protecting nature, and safeguarding human rights. Now, more than ever, businesses are beginning to recognize their role and responsibility to making positive changes for people and society as a whole.

Capitals Coalition, Nature^Squared, WBCSD-BCTI and Social Value International have developed a free, online training course with a focus on business’ transformation through valuing social and human capital. You can register for the course here.

‘Transforming Business: Valuing Social & Human Capital’ has launched today, and will be accompanied by a launch event taking place online at 1pm BST. The launch will feature course instructors, discussions with business leaders, beta-testers and others.

By undertaking the course, you will learn how to practically progress toward preserving and creating, rather than eroding, the value of natural, human, and social capital alongside financial success. Further real-life context will also be gained from a focus on societal issues weaved throughout.

The course consists of four modules:

Module 1 – Welcome to the course

Module 2 – Why business cares about inequality: the key concepts of human rights, social and human capital

Module 3 – How to get started with measuring and valuing impacts and dependencies

Module 4 – How to integrate social and human capital into business: commitments and transformation

Participants will hear from business leaders and experts, including Natura, SHIFT, Kering, Tony’s Chocolonely, OLAM Food Ingredients, Novartis and Jacobs, about how an integrated approach can benefit the wellbeing of stakeholders, and the impacts and value created for the business.  The course will be hosted on the Coursera platform and split into modules offering extended reading, questions, and interaction with other participants. Optional paid certificates of completion will be made available.

This course, whilst primarily tailored for those working in the private sector, will be freely available to all.

In 2022, the Capitals Coalition launched the online course ‘Valuing Nature and People to Inform Business Decision-making‘ with support from We Value Nature, WBCSD, IUCN and partners to fill this knowledge gap for natural capital. Now a year on, ‘Transforming Business: Valuing Social & Human Capital’ introduces practical steps that individuals and businesses can take to integrate social and human capital into their decision-making.

Register for the launch event for ‘Transforming Business: Valuing Social & Human Capital’ taking place today at  1-2:30pm BST.

Register for the course here.

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