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Bringing Together Business Leaders & UN CBD Negotiators

August 13, 2021 |

On 10 August 2021 we joined Business for Nature, UNEP-WCMC and WBCSD to co-host a dialogue between business leaders and UN CBD negotiators. During the discussions, representatives from the public and private sectors explored synergies in their approaches to biodiversity and discussed opportunities to co-deliver a nature positive future through an ambitious Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.

Business leaders provided examples of how a transformative Framework can help accelerate business action and outlined what they will need from policymakers to provide an enabling environment and create a level playing field to enable them to accelerate and scale up nature positive actions.

Key discussion points:

While progress has been made, more ambition is needed to mobilize global business actions.

  • The Framework should set a global mission to halt and reverse nature loss by 2030, include actionable targets to drive business action, value and embed nature into all decision-making, and eliminate or redirect all subsidies harmful to biodiversity.

Leading businesses recognized the limitation of draft 1 and advocated for improvements in the text.

  • Eight suggestions were made to support the upcoming negotiations at the OEWG-3, building on Business for Nature’s policy recommendations and on the momentum of the Call to Action, Nature Is Everyone‘s Business, which unites over 900 companies urging governments to adopt ambitious policies to reverse nature loss.

In addition to business leaders, multiple government representatives reacted to the eight suggestions and share their perspectives at the webinar.

  • Representatives from France, Uganda, the Netherlands, Mexico and Japan weighed in on the discussion.

The Coalition is also part of the team that has developed Business for Nature’s full position on draft 1 of the Global Biodiversity Framework, including concrete textual amendments that we hope to see included in the final draft of the framework.

Companies can find out how they can get involved with Business for Nature here.

Watch both sessions, download slides and learn more at Business for Nature.

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