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Nature Is In the Red, It’s Time To Build Back Better

January 19, 2021 |

This article was originally published on WWF.

Nature underpins enterprise and prosperity – but natural systems are in severe decline, posing grave risks for business and finance. It’s not too late to turn things around.

“As our Living Planet Report 2020 shows, we can end nature loss – but only by combining ambitious conservation with the transformation of modern food production systems and consumption patterns, which change how we use land, reduce food waste, and improve our diets.

Business and finance have a vital role to play – protecting and restoring nature in supply chains, and investing in nature-based solutions.

And as world leaders make key decisions on the environment, climate change and sustainable development through 2021, it’s vital they prioritise the well-being of both nature and people.

That’s why we’re calling on governments and businesses around the world to build back better from COVID-19 and deliver an ambitious and comprehensive New Deal for Nature and People that reverses nature loss and secures a nature-positive economy by 2030…”

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Find out more in the WWF Living Planet 2020 Report Business & Finance Briefing and sign up today to the Business for Nature Call to Action and join 650 other businesses around the world with revenues of US$ 4 trillion who are calling on governments to adopt policies now that will reverse nature loss this decade.

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