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Nature Positive by 2030: #TheRaceIsOn

June 05, 2021 |

We are in a planetary emergency. Human activities are destabilizing our climate and destroying the natural systems we depend on faster than they are able to replenish.

This year we have a momentous opportunity to secure a sustainable and healthy future for people and planet. World leaders are scheduled to make critical decisions on climate and the environment at Biodiversity COP15 in China and Climate COP26 in the UK.

The race is now on to take ambitious, integrated and transformational action and to make decisions that address our collective global challenges in an integrated and holistic way. We must deliver an equitable, nature-positive and carbon-neutral future for us all.

Leaders’ Pledge for Nature core governments and non-state actor partners including the Capitals Coalition have developed this shared campaign to drive action and ambition across government, business and society and elevate nature and issues of nature and biodiversity loss ahead of the COPs in 2021 and beyond into a decade of delivery.

The campaign is designed to bring together the diverse and transformational actions from governments and multiple stakeholders needed across nature, climate and people.

This campaign reinforces the connections between nature and climate, supporting and providing further momentum to existing climate campaigns, including RaceToZero, RaceToResilience, and has been welcomed by key climate champions. 

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