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ACT-D Case Studies Demonstrating Business Action for Nature

January 19, 2023 |

At the 2022 World Economic Forum, the Capitals Coalition, WBCSD, SBTN, Business for Nature, TNFD and WWF launched a set of high-level business actions (Assess, Commit, Transform, Disclose or ‘ACT-D’) in response to the ‘alphabet soup’ of initiatives and frameworks for nature, sometimes causing confusion for those wanting to understand and implement them.

In the wake of the newly agreed Global Biodiversity Framework which committed governments to require all large and transnational businesses to assess and disclose their risks, impacts and dependencies on nature, the Coalition wanted to understand if and how businesses integrate the ACT-D approaches into their decisions. We found many examples of companies that have started to think about sustainability using a capitals framing in line with the ACT-D business actions. 

The Coalition worked with Metabolic and eftec to select 10 examples of leading businesses, from different sectors and geographies, to illustrate specific elements of ACT-D in a way that has altered their business model. The examples highlight the interconnectedness between business, finance and government action and how actions by each group can drive ambition towards nature-positive.

In 2023, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Coalition presented the case studies as part of the event ‘Acting on Value – Integrating your Approach‘.

For more information on the high-level business actions for nature is available here. The case studies are available here.

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