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New Online Business Training Course on Valuing Nature & People to Launch

November 25, 2021 |

The We Value Nature campaign & the Capitals Coalition are developing a free, online business training course focusing on valuing nature and people to inform decision-making.

Businesses that value nature and people benefit from improved risk management, new business and investment opportunities, enhanced stakeholder engagement and anticipation of future legislation. 

This course comes in response to We Value Nature and the Capitals Coalition having observed an increased demand from businesses and the finance sector for the knowledge and skills to apply natural capital assessments and a capitals approach more broadly.  

This new course will introduce practical steps that individuals and businesses can take to integrate natural, social and human capital into their decision-making. Participants will hear from other businesses and experts on how an integrated capitals approach can benefit nature, society and their businesses. 

The course will be split into modules, starting with a general overview of natural, human and social capitals and progressing to a more technical exploration of managing risks and opportunities and assessing capitals.  

The We Value Nature campaign has spent three years developing training resources centred around valuing nature and applying the  Natural Capital Protocol. The Capitals Coalition has developed extensive training materials centred on the Natural Capital Protocol and the Social & Human Capital Protocol. This new training course brings together these resources in an interactive self-paced course.  

This course is developed for businesses and the finance sector, but it will be freely available to anyone who is interested in learning more about new ways of doing business and wishes to keep up to date with the latest developments in this space 

The training course is being built on the Coursera platform in collaboration with the consultancy Nature^Squared. It will feature videos, interactive exercises, quizzes and discussion prompts.  

The course is planned to launch in early 2022. The first four modules will be: 

Module 1 – The role of the private sector in creating a positive impact on people and nature 

Module 2 – Better managing risks and opportunities by adopting a Capitals Approach 

Module 3 – Getting started with a natural capital assessment: defining the objective and scope 

Module 4 – Measuring and valuing impacts and dependencies to integrate natural capital in decision making 

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