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SUSTAIN Mid-Term Meeting

May 07, 2024 |

Our global economy intrinsically depends on nature, yet it plays a significant role in its degradation. Urgent transformative changes are still needed to achieve the nature-positive outcomes required to ‘bend the curve’ of biodiversity loss.

While the economic case for addressing biodiversity is clear in some sectors, it remains opaque in others. To transform the business and finance sectors’ approach to decision-making regarding nature, the EU-funded SUSTAIN project strengthens understanding and awareness of how all economic activities depend on and impact biodiversity.

The SUSTAIN project is halfway through its terms, and on the 15th of May, it will convene its Advisory Board and stakeholders to share its intermediate results with a focus on updating the ENCORE Knowledgebase, case studies, and a thought paper on regulation and incentives.  

During this mid-term meeting, partners will be invited to reflect on these outcomes and share thoughts on how SUSTAIN can best build on them for its next steps. These will include developing methods for reducing biodiversity-related risks and a Toolbox and organizing wider engagement with the wider community, especially around COP16 in October 2024.​

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