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Updates From The Coalition Community

June 26, 2023 |

The Capitals Coalition is a community made up of over 400 organizations and many more individuals from across the globe, united to advance the capitals approach to decision-making.

Below are key updates from this quarter across the Coalition and our global community. Find out how you can get involved and collaborate with us.

Network News

Transforming Business: Valuing Social and Human Capital

The Coalition is excited to have launched a new online e-learning course ‘Transforming Business: Valuing Social and Human Capital’ in partnership with WBCSD-BCTI, Social Value International and Nature^Squared. 

The beta-testing phase of the course took place earlier this year in March and April. Members of the Coalition community contributed as beta-testers, providing valuable feedback to help improve the course before it went live.  

To accompany the launch, the Coalition held an online event on Wednesday 21 June, with over 125 people in attendance. We heard from course contributors, experts in the field and beta-testers on how the course will help capacity build, guide action and provide tangible steps businesses can take to assess their impacts and dependencies on people. You can watch the recording of the event here.

The course is free to enroll here

The Coalition Global Hubs

#CityNatureChallenge in Luxembourg 

Led by IMS Luxembourg, our Luxembourg Hub took part in the #CityNatureChallenge with National Museum of Natural History in Luxembourg and iNaturalist. It was an opportunity to discuss planetary boundaries and the actions businesses can take to contribute to protecting biodiversity at the local level. The Coalition’s Senior Manager, Louise Amand, presented the capitals approach, with a focus on natural capital and biodiversity measurement and valuation. 

ESG and the Caribbean  

The Caribbean Hub, led by ANSA Merchant Bank and The Cropper Foundation, hosted a series of events in May including the region’s first ESG conference. The Coalition’s Senior Manager, Tim Polaszek, delivered a keynote speech at the event, highlighting the opportunities available to businesses in Trinidad & Tobago to measure their relationship with nature. As a region rich in biodiversity, it was motivating to see many businesses present at the first ‘Natural Capital Bootcamp’ led by ANSA Merchant Bank and Cropper Foundation. 

GoldenBee China Hub 

At the beginning of June, Coalition China Hub, GoldenBee, held their 18th Annual CSR Forum. The Forum brought together businesses, financial institutions, researchers and civil society to explore the role of sustainability and biodiversity in the Chinese path to modernization.  

The Coalition’s Communications Director, Joseph Confino, joined the Forum to deliver a keynote on the importance of the UN’s Global Biodiversity Framework for Chinese businesses, and the tools and frameworks available for organizations to take action on biodiversity issues. In partnership with GoldenBee, Joseph also launched a year-long project to collect case studies from Chinese businesses centered around the high-level business actions on nature developed by the Coalition and our partners.  

Science Based Targets Network  

Last month, Science Based Targets Network (SBTN) launched the first corporate science-based targets for nature. As a partner organization of SBTN, the Coalition is supportive of the targets which will help companies understand their impact on nature and then set science-based targets. 

A pilot group of 17 companies are planning to set the first nature targets this year. They were selected for their readiness and applicability and represent sectors and supply chains with a high impact on nature. Explore the targets here

Community Highlights

Advisory Panel 

The Coalition’s Advisory Panel met for the second time this year in May. The Advisory Panel provides input and guidance that feeds into the Coalition’s strategic development and direction. The panel is made up of leading organizations from a variety of backgrounds each with an important and unique perspective invaluable to the Coalition. 

UBS, a new addition to the Advisory Panel in 2023, recently published a white paper titled ‘The Rise of the Impact Economy’. The paper highlights how UBS are evolving regarding impact economics and recognizing the economic value of people and the planet.   

New Organizations

In the last months, the Coalition welcomed four new organizations to the Coalition from three countries across the world. These include; green account GmbH, Intaconnected, Chartered Institute for Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) and Keystone.  

If you are interested in joining the Coalition, find out more here.

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