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Gig Economy: Europe Tells Companies To Negotiate With Workers or Face New Laws

February 25, 2021 |
Deliveroo rider in Paris

This article was originally published on Fortune

“Europe’s lawmakers have a message for “gig-economy” companies—get negotiating with unions and other workers’ representatives, or face new EU-wide legislation.

On Wednesday, the European Commission launched an initial consultation on improving working conditions for people who provide services through digital platforms such as Uber and Deliveroo. It said the COVID-19 pandemic had highlighted both the value of such services and the “vulnerable situation” of those offering them, putting the health and safety of delivery people, for instance, at risk.

This six-week consultation is meant for what the Commission calls “social partners,” or representatives of labor and management. The EU’s executive body would like these representatives to offer their views on the “need and direction” of possible EU legislation.

…“In the midst of the digital transition, we cannot lose sight of the basic principles of our European social model,” said Employment Commissioner Nicolas Schmit. “We should make the most of the job-creating potential that comes with digital labor platforms, while ensuring dignity, respect, and protection for the people that work through them. Social partners’ views on this will be key in finding a balanced initiative for platform work in the EU.””

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