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New Biodiversity Guidance Navigation Tool Launched

May 25, 2021 |

Biodiversity constitutes the living component of natural capital and underpins the success of businesses around the world. But the benefit that biodiversity provides to organizations can be hard to fully understand, and even harder to effectively measure and value.

To help plug this gap, the Cambridge Conservation Initiative and Capitals Coalition developed the Biodiversity Guidance to accompany the Natural Capital Protocol. It is designed to help businesses and financial institutions to better understand the value they receive from biodiversity, and to apply this knowledge as they make decisions, through a biodiversity-inclusive natural capital assessment. 

Developed by Capitals Coalition and UNEP-WCMC, the newly released Navigation Tool compliments the Biodiversity Guidance by steering practitioners through a series of interactive questions to help them to undertake a biodiversity-inclusive natural capital assessment. The tool also offers supporting resources, tools, methodologies and advice based on user responses.

The Navigation Tool questions are tied to the stages and steps in the Natural Capital Protocol and guide users through the Frame, Scope, Measure & Value and Apply stages that constitute a natural capital assessment. The Protocol is a decision-making framework that enables organizations to make decisions that benefit nature, people and society alongside their businesses and the broader economy.

Two primers accompany the Biodiversity Guidance and navigation tool. They set out the value that organizations will receive from carrying out an assessment, and an overview of how to conduct the assessment.

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