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Capitals Coalition Announces Plans to Develop Global Value Commission 

May 23, 2022 |

We are now looking to appoint Commissioners to the Value Commission. Learn more and apply.

Today the Capitals Coalition has announced our intention to establish the global Value Commission at the Spring World Economic Forum meeting in Davos.

The Value Commission will bring together the key players from across the global system to set international criteria for how ‘value factors’ are created and used by organizations around the world.

It will guide the consolidation of existing efforts into an open-access Value Database, providing factors that can be consistently applied by businesses, financial institutions, and governments and provide organizations with the tools they need to understand the value of their impacts and dependencies on nature.

Providing open access to robust, consistent and trusted value factors will provide organizations with an effective framework to reduce their negative impacts and to identify actions and investments that create positive feedback loops which deliver benefits across the capitals. 

The challenge:

Currently, there are many different providers of value factors to organizations. There is little consistency in the way that these factors are developed and applied, and the process used to calculate them can be proprietary and opaque. Therefore, confidence in results can vary significantly.  

Many of the organizations involved in this work are already part of the Capitals Coalition and have recognized that this lack of consistency is creating a significant barrier to system-wide uptake.

By bringing the key providers and developers together through a global Value Commission, we aim to harmonize this space by co-designing and developing a set of clear international criteria and guidance to govern the creation and application of value factors around the world. 

What next:

The Coalition’s Board has appointed two Co-Chairs (Jeremy Nicholls and Eliane Ubalijoro) to lead the initial development of the Value Commission.

The Co-Chairs are now looking to appoint 12 Commissioners to lead this project who, between them, will provide representation from organizations who create, provide, use, and regulate value factors.  

Representatives from across the global system, including indigenous peoples and local communities, will be consulted throughout this process to ensure that guidance and recommendations are robust, fit-for-purpose, and have been developed based on a diversity of perspectives and potential applications. 

We are currently in discussion with many of the leading organizations across the value chain in this space who have demonstrated significant interest in joining the commission, and we will soon be announcing our core partners in this work.  

While many of these leading initiatives and organizations are already part of the Capitals Coalition, we are also using this opportunity to reach out more widely to encourage people to contribute to this ambition.  

The Capitals Coalition is establishing the Value Commission to fill an important gap and based on its position as a trusted, independent body at the centre of a global community.

We recognize that this work must be embedded into international systems and therefore the initiative will be time-bound before being handed to an international institution that can become a permanent host for this work.

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